3d printing and event design

In TOP TAG I’m the one the often ‘hides behind a PC screen’. I am passionate about everything that has to do with the representation of the projects: from three dimensional renderings to the layout of the slides used to show the project to the clients.

3D modeling has been part of my daily business for years: it came therefore naturally to me embracing with enthusiasm the world of 3d printers, since they became easily accessible a few years ago.

In a short time 3d printing became a time consuming hobby, giving me the chance to make into real and tangible objects ideas that until then only existed on my PC screen. I started to design, model and then print fashion accessories or small decorative objects for personal use and amusement.

A small collection of fashion accessories and contemporary geometrical jewels started to take shape, these objects became unusual gifts for friends and family or simply items I could design, model and print in a rush just so I could wear them for specific occasions, just for the sake of wearing something bespoke and unique.

Only recently this hobby of mine became part of my professional job in TOP TAG, in the form of highly customized gadgets, part of more estensive communication projects for specific corporate events.

One example is a small object we designed and printed to give as a gift for the public attending an event promoted by a very dear client of us (Everest elevators). We designed and printed a geometrical bijoux, part pendant and part key chain, with a stylised but recognisable shape: that of a small elevator.

In TOP TAG work is also passion and fortunately more than once the line between professional job and free creativity is blurred.

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TOP TAG is an ever evolving project created in Milan in 2008 by Nick Bellora, Nicole Bonini and Francesco Carli with the mission to invest in their professional skills and experiences.

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