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For ISI (Italian Stomatological Institute) we provided a restyling project of the Palazzi auditorium; the space was first designed by architect Marco Zanuso at the end of the Sixties.
This specific operation is part of a wider renovation plan including X-ray rooms, staff changing rooms, some of the waiting areas and administration offices of the Institute.

Our restyling of the Palazzi auditorium is respectful of the peculiar features of the original space, while upgrading the technological systems to the needs of contemporary users.

We styled the interior using a textile floor covering (a special antistatic carpet) and acoustic panels framed with LED strip lights on the walls: the goal was to recreate the ‘space age’ atmosphere of the original Zanuso design but with a contemporary twist.

We changed the overall color of the space from a then fashionable hazel to bright blue, a color that’s more in line with the contemporary branding of the Institute.

We decided to keep the original beam seats – after careful reconditioning – since they are a main feature of the original design and they fit harmoniously in the shape of the auditorium.

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