Museo del Novecento

 Museo del Novecento, Milan

 Comune di Milano

The exhibition, displayed inside the archives on the fourth floor of the Museo del Novecento, is focused on the reinterpretation of the artistic work and life of Adriana Bisi Fabbri (Ferrara 1881 – Travedona Monate 1918) and her husband Giannetto Bisi (Ferrara 1881 – Verona 1919).

A painter and a caricaturist, Adriana Bisi Fabbri emerges as an autonomous figure from the complex artistic scene of her time. She was self-taught and interested in every kind of technique and experimentation method she came across. Her strong desire to be considered a well-rounded artist was her driving foce throughout an epoch and a social context during which women rarely had the chance to receive acknowledgements and professional training.

The project for the exhibition setup was created thanks to a tight and fruitful relationship with the curators and the direction of the museum, and from the start it’s been oriented towards the valorization of a fascinating and quite unusual part of the museum, the Archivi del Novecento, which are not always open to the public.

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