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In Lonato del Garda, as part of a larger project to promote the historical assets connected to the Cittadella, we were in charge of the renovation of a property owned by the Ugo Da Como Foundation. The structure, known as Casa del Sordo or Casa Pirandello, is destined for small receptivity, and placed at the beginning of a path of local discovery for Italian and foreign tourists.

The house was in need of urgent conservation work concerning the roof and facade, as well as interior remodeling to adapt the structure to its new intended use. Wanting to connect two separate bodies, we opted to move the internal stairs outside, creating a single staircase in the central courtyard with an elevated walkway to connect the two wings. The lower stone steps blend in with the exterior walls and plaster and conceal a technical compartment, while the upper steps and bridge have a lighter appearance and are made of metal.

In terms of finishes and furniture, traditional and simple materials such as tiles and wood were chosen, combining tradition and contemporary style.
On the ground floor, in the rooms intended for reception and promotion of the territory, the furniture chosen is light and versatile shelving to allow the use of the space in different configurations.

An important part of the restoration work was seismic retrofitting and securing of the windows by installing new railings, specifically designed not to impact the original appearance of the facade. In particular, the approach to the project was a conservative one, in order to enhance the building’s local construction tradition and historical importance.

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