MM Apartment

This newly built apartment comes from the addition of an extra storey to a two-storey bulding in a semi-central area of Milan. Originally designed as a three-room apartment with a very small living room and a kitchen corner overlooking a large window and a long balcony. Lack of proportion between size of the room and the large glass window was particularly noticeable. In this photo the living area with the central divider element also used as a back wall for the tv. The renovation project has the goal to solve the above ‘defects’ providing a new layout for the apartment,...

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Three dimensional renderings

3D is an essential part of our design and communication process Photo realistic images bring the client closer to the project, they help understand layout choices without loosing attention to architectural details and communicative functions of the project. In TOP TAG we produce in-house 3d renderings with a high visual impact for different fields of design. 3D modeling help us give the client a step to step report of the design process using easy to read images. INTERIOR DESIGN RENDERINGS 3D renderings let the client better understand spaces, architectural details and both...

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3d printing and event design

In TOP TAG I’m the one the often ‘hides behind a PC screen’. I am passionate about everything that has to do with the representation of the projects: from three dimensional renderings to the layout of the slides used to show the project to the clients. 3D modeling has been part of my daily business for years: it came therefore naturally to me embracing with enthusiasm the world of 3d printers, since they became easily accessible a few years ago. In a short time 3d printing became a time consuming hobby, giving me the chance to make into real and tangible objects...

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Conservative works on the historical real estate assets of Ugo Da Como Foundation

Lecture excerpts from “Sustainability in Garda Festival” 2017 april 23. Ugo Da Como Foundation owns an exceptional monumental site including a House-Museum, the Viscontean-Venetian Fortress and a small group of old houses part of the Medieval village of Lonato. The foundation estate left by Senator Ugo Da Como not only includes the above mentioned buildings but also the library, art and furniture collections housed inside the House of The Mayor. © Ugo da Como Foundation The estate is not just an economical asset but it is made of historical buildings of cultural signifiance...

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Contemporary exhibit facilities in historical environments

The glass pavilion we designed in the ancient Lonato fortress is not the first building with an exhibit function built in an historical environment in Italy and internationally. The most famous example is the glass Pyramid in the Louvre courtyard, finished in 1989. The main concept was to create a new space to welcome visitors, as an expression of cutting-edge architectural style but also of harmonious coexistence between the new and the ancient spaces of the museum. This was conceived as a sort of skylight, 20 meters high, over the underground entrance to the museum; the new building...

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About us

TOP TAG is an ever evolving project created in Milan in 2008 by Nick Bellora, Nicole Bonini and Francesco Carli with the mission to invest in their professional skills and experiences.