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 Via Sant’Andrea, Milano

Architectural design, furniture supply and interior design

System engineering, construction management, technical documents handling


For Global Blue we created the interior design project for a lounge and showroom area covering three levels inside a prestigious building in Milan’s fashion neighborhood, the Quadrilatero della Moda.

The distinctive element of the project is the use of custom-made frames made of gold colored metal. These elements are used as movable pieces of furniture and walls, to be positioned according to different layout schemes. It’s an efficient and elegant solution to make the space multifunctional and portioned. One of the possible applications of this configuration is the subdivision of the areas to host different brands at the same time, allowing for spatial and – if needed – visual separation. In this regard, the metal frames have two different types of paneling: transparent glass where visibility is needed and glass combined with an exclusive rice paper finish where more privacy is necessary.

The furniture pieces we chose follow a linear and somber color and geometric palette, as per the client’s request and following the target of international clients of the lounge. The space set up has been completed with elements of “vertical green”, made by stabilized lichens on circular panels and as a finish surface on some pieces of furniture.

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