Next Group

 Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milano

 Francesco Carli

For Next Group event agency we designed a set up for the annual convention of a company leader in the restaurant services sector, held in the fascinating Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milano.

The large space was divided into two different areas according to the two main required functions: a catering area and a second area for the convetion stage and audience. We also set up a third area – a cozy lounge space – in the more secluded part of the location (an area with a low ceiling).

Our design tried to highlight the beautiful building using minimal scenographic elements and adding a specific light design to showcase the picturesque architectural structures.

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About us

TOP TAG is an ever evolving project created in Milan in 2008 by Nick Bellora, Nicole Bonini and Francesco Carli with the mission to invest in their professional skills and experiences.

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