Three dimensional renderings

3D is an essential part of our design and communication process

Photo realistic images bring the client closer to the project, they help understand layout choices without loosing attention to architectural details and communicative functions of the project.

In TOP TAG we produce in-house 3d renderings with a high visual impact for different fields of design. 3D modeling help us give the client a step to step report of the design process using easy to read images.


3D renderings let the client better understand spaces, architectural details and both artificial and natural lighting of a room.

3D renderings help the client decipher the often subtle relations between spaces, forniture, colors and materials choices.


Architectural photo intertion technique can show the client and public administrations alike the relation between a new building and the environment.

The views we provided of the project for the new pavilion in the old Lonato del Garda fortress helped us and the client decide the final materials and colors to be used for a minimal impact on the landscape.


While designing for events and conventions impactful and easy to understand 3d renderings are essential to be able to show the scenography project to the client.

3D renderings help the client understand the communicative power of the scenography, mood of the event and relations between location and set ups.

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TOP TAG is an ever evolving project created in Milan in 2008 by Nick Bellora, Nicole Bonini and Francesco Carli with the mission to invest in their professional skills and experiences.

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